Long-Prong Snap Information

What's the Secret to Snapping Success?

It's the long-prongs on our snaps!

We are offering the remaining Snap Source® snaps a selection of colorful metal snap fasteners. All the snaps are industrial quality and feature long-prongs which provide a better "grip" onto fabric, allowing snaps to remain securely in place, wash after wash!

Snaps come packaged in sets or parts:

One 4-part snap set includes: a fashion-colored Snap Top (ring, cap or pearl) and three backing parts (Socket, Stud and Back Ring). Purchase complete sets or just the parts of a snap set required for a project. Single or Double Color options are available. All packages include instructions for successful snapping.


Snap Sizes

Size 14: Small, petite snaps

  • All nickel-free, CPSIA and REACH complaint.
  • Ideal for lightweight fabrics such as jersey and cotton.
  • Great for projects such as infant clothing, doll clothes, pacifier clips or small accessories.
  • Comes standard with an easy-action closing tension.

Size 15:  Medium, standard 

  • All nickel-free, CPSIA and REACH compliant.
  • Suitable for light to medium weight fabrics.
  • The size most commonly used on imported baby and toddler clothing sold in retail stores.
  • Comes standard with easy-action closing tension.

Sizes 16, 18, 20, 24: Most versatile, interchangeable snaps 

  • All nickel-free, CPSIA and REACH compliant.
  • The sizes with the longest prongs.
  • Perfect for light to medium quilt and fabric layers, shirting, seersucker, cuddle, and flannel.
  • A firmer closing action keep garments securely fastened especially for toddlers clothing.
  • All snap sizes use the Size 16 Socket, Stud and Back Ring parts for continuity – only the Snap Top size changes.



What Snap Parts Go Together?


 If you'd like inspiration on how to use snaps, please visit: https://www.snapsource.com/ideas

For more information on how to attach snaps please visit: https://www.snapsource.com/how-to